The Disrespect of Law Enforcement: Enough is Enough!

Our law enforcement officer are under constant verbal attacks and their authority to enforce any violations is constantly being challenged and second-guessed.

The criminals are not the only people in our society disrespecting our uniformed officers these days.

Officers are People with Feelings

Our officer are normal people with family and children. They have a tough job to do and they deal with the ugly in our society and try to keep the lid on criminals and the violence they bring unannounced to an innocent victim at any time and any place.
The Reality of the Job!

Officers are never called to a home to wish someone a happy birthday. The officers are dispatched because of a loud noise complaint from a neighbor and now have become the bad guys for making the homeowner quiet the noise.

Officers do not show up in the early hours of the morning to congratulate parents for their daughter receiving a college scholarship. The officers ring the doorbell knowing they bring devastating news that their 17-year old daughter was killed in a car accident. Officers are only remembered for the bad news they were forced to bring that cold rainy dark night.

These are only a couple examples of the reality that our officers face on any given shift. They have a tough job and they are also people with feelings.

Role Model Citizenship and Respect for Our Kids

Our officers deserve our respect and cooperation when they are doing their job. Policing has always been a tough and dangerous profession; however, times have changed and the mood towards government authority has turned hateful, mean, and disrespectful.

Police officers are the most visible sign of our government and the national mood has taken it out on our protectors.

Do we really want our children growing up learning to disrespect the men and women who protect us?

About the Author

Mark Bond

Mark Bond has worked in law enforcement and has been a firearms instructor for more than 29 years. His law enforcement experience includes the military, local, state and federal levels as a police officer and criminal investigator. Mark obtained a BS and MS in criminal justice, and M.Ed in educational leadership with Summa Cum Laude honors. As a lifelong learner, he is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in education (EdD) with a concentration in college teaching and learning. Mark is currently an assistant professor of criminal justice at a university and adjunct professor of administration of justice studies at a community college.